Long Term Care Insurance

Someone turning 65 today has a 70% chance of needing some type of Long Term Care.

  • Woman’s care needs average 3.7 years
  • Men’s care needs average 2.2 years

Missouri – State Median: Monthly Care Costs in 2014
Home Care – $3,695 per month
Adult Day Health Care – $1,625 per month
Assisted Living Facility – Private, one bedroom $2,500 per month
Nursing Home Care – Semi-private room $4,410 / Private room $4,988 per month

The numbers show that the MAJORITY of us will be faced with these types of expenses. Clients purchase Long Term Care Insurance for their own reasons, but here is a top-5 list.

  1. To maintain their independence so they won’t have to rely on family members.
  2. To protect their assets against the high costs of long term care; to preserve their children’s inheritance.
  3. To make long term care services affordable, such as home health care and custodial care.
  4. To provide themselves with more options than just nursing home care, and to pay for nursing home care if it’s needed.
  5. To preserve their standard of living.

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